Dear Jim,

I was mighty pleased to have the new house completed Jim, but even more pleased that you saw us through every step of the way. This is the highest recommendation I can imagine giving to you, and I’m grateful for all you did. Thank you!

We uncovered some original paperwork and it was dated almost two years ago when we first called upon you.  We started in Lyndon Station with the local Hoehn Lumber, asking for recommendations, and yours was the first name recommended. We came with basically a blank page, wanting a house and started working from there.  I could not believe how patient you were working with my wife and I. With our first suggestion, a three story, you taught us the why and wherefores of what we really wanted and was able to translate it to paper, ending with a raised ranch with a walkout basement and custom designed wood trim. Once on paper, changes began to appear, including flipping the house, and then trying to image the house on the site, pondering several options and returning to the original layout on the site. It was amazing, how even with many changes, your original estimate was right on the money when the finished project went for mortgage and for this we are thankful.

You were not only our carpenter, but our general contractor, taking care of so many details from excellent subcontractors to permits and suppliers.  Once the house site started, you welcomed us on site to inspect each step of the process of construction to our satisfaction, exceeding our expectations. You called us almost weekly giving us an update on the house as we were out of town. You even exceeded the requirements for an “Energy Star Home”, which we relished during the heat of last summer and the cold of this winter. We are extremely satisfied with our new home and knowing the job was done right the first time.



Steve and Donna Thomas

W3801 Lemonweir Ct.

Mauston, WI 53948